About us

Multibreves network is an IT company founded in 2014, specialized in the automotive sector. Multibreves has self-developed connectors with the main dismantlers management software in Europe, as well as links/ APIs for the publication of automotive parts in the main marketplaces in Europe.

Our team is made up of IT specialists and multilingual account managers.

With our IT solutions you will not have to worry about the publications and updates of your parts stock in the marketplace, we take care of it. We also have wide knowledge of the european marketplaces operational mode. We publish strictly following the marketplace guidelines. Furthermore, we study their algorithms to achieve a better sales conversion rate. We can publish your parts in different languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and English. This way we will multiply your visibility in different countries competing with local sellers.

We analyze and treat your parts stock within our database to order fields and improve the publication options following the marketplace algorithms. We make the corresponding mappings of brands, models, versions of vehicles obtaining the references that are equivalent for some models within our database offering different compatibility options to the buyer.

We believe that marketplaces operational work is very difficult to manage at the beggining.In order for you to obtain results fast we have a team of Managers monitoring your account that will help you manage and solve incidents that may occur in the sales processes. Shipping & Returns.

Multibreves was born as a multipublication platform for ads on different classified ad portals in Spain. Our technical knowledge acquired over the years for premium brands such as Mercedes-Benz or BMW, allowed us fit very well in the sector of reusable or second-hand parts. Our computer and process knowledge within the automotive spare parts sector is very wide. In addition to this, we help dismantlers to improve their work processes focused on digitalization allowing them getting better results.

Our goal is to be an intermediate technical platform throughout Europe which links dismantlers and marketplaces, where we can develop what we like, treating and publishing their parts with the best guarantees for sale to our customers.

Our team is multidisciplinary and is made up of Computer Engineers, Telecommunication Engineers and Managers highly specialized in Marketplace knowledge and online sales.

Vicente Comesaña

Vicente Comesaña